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Kym began her career in art, crayons in hand, at the age of two, when any available surface became her canvas, curiosity her inspiration, and boundless creativity her never ending motivational force.

This early beginning laid the foundation for her present work which is created primarily with acrylic on canvas. Her pieces may explode with a vibrant visual feast of colour, exciting the viewer with this rich offering, or it may guide the observer through an atmospheric landscape of soft mystical, ethereal wonder. Insightfully heartfelt, definitely humorous, words of wisdom often become an essential part of her pieces.

Kym believes that we are all artists at heart and is truly delighted when her work evokes and emotional response, such as a smile, a knowing nod, or a chuckle.

©2007, Kym Brundritt. All images are the property of Kym Brundritt and may not be reproduced without written permission.